Company Overview

The Mission Of Entrepreneur Finesse

To Inspire And Cultivate The Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The vision of Entrepreneur Finesse is to become a highly productive resource for the best books, tools, resources, courses and gadgets for entrepreneurs in all walks of life. Your process of accumulating useful knowledge is our passion.Entrepreneur Finesse Logo

Entrepreneur Finesse is devoted to fellow entrepreneurs doing awesome things who are committed not just to being in control of their time, but in control of their lifestyle.

Why did I start it?

Well, when I was looking around the Internet for books, tools and resources that would specifically benefit entrepreneurs, there were not many helpful resources around, so thus I decided to create one to help others in the same position. I believe that learning is fundamental and that entrepreneurs especially should not have to struggle to find knowledge.

Entrepreneurship is a choice for freedom. It means that you decide how you want to grow your valuable knowledge and skills. This choice means you get to decide what to focus on and how much time you want to put in every day. Instead of taking orders from a boss, you are the boss. While most people know exactly where and what they are going to be doing come Monday morning, an entrepreneur will be busy grinding and strategizing in their own way. Entrepreneurs are the ones who create something from nothing. Honestly, it’s exciting and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Entrepreneur Finesse facts

  • Founded
  • Founder
    Jeffrey Ito
  • Incorporation
    Entrepreneur Finesse, Inc
  • Headquarters
    380 West Alameda Ave #G
    CA 91506

Who we are

Building a great resource depends on great people. There is a team of experts behind the very website that you are viewing right now — from writers to graphic designers, Entrepreneur Finesse is built on entrepreneurs..

What we do for you

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for any person to begin their entrepreneurial journey. One of the simplest ways to get started and obtain the know-how is to read books. Not just any books, but the finest, curated selection of books meant for entrepreneurs aspiring to succeed spiritually and financially. In addition, from time to time our readers will get to enjoy a slice of our freshly written editorials on entrepreneur life hacks.

What we do for entrepreneurs

We highlight a variety of resources to help entrepreneurs of all kinds succeed on and off the web. Whether it is through books, speeches, inspiration, lifehacks, courses or tools, providing an amazing resource for entrepreneurs is the backbone of who we are.

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