5 Best Websites For IT Professionals

Are you considering a career in the field of Information Technology? Or maybe you’re already an established IT professional. Whatever your position is, if you’re interested in being in the industry, one thing you can’t do is be ignorant. Because of the fast pace of technological advancements that we are facing, it is so easy to miss out on so much information. As a Udemy course instructor oftentimes it is difficult to teach the most effective knowledge to the industry professional, so it is important to be cognizant of all the great resources available to you.

Thankfully, there are a lot of amazing online forums and blogs that focus on IT developments, insights on them, career-related articles, etc. In an industry that is constantly changing, you simply can’t afford to miss out. The competition is fierce and one misstep can bring you lower than you expected.

We scoured the internet to get you the best websites to check out if you’re interested in IT. Here are 5 of the Best Websites for IT Professionals.

  1. Codester

Codester is an online marketplace where developers and designers can buy and sell various ready-to-use web development assets like scripts, premium PHP scripts, app templates, themes and pluginsto create amazing websites & apps. Codester drastically reduces the development time and costing of their projects buy buying ready made templates.

This also provides developers and designers a passive income where they can earn from the work that they have done before.

2. Exam Topics

Exam Topics holds the biggest and most updated online database of actual exam questions and answers for IT Certification guaranteeing that you pass your exam with flying colours. The best thing about this is it is 100%, completely FREE. Comprised of six IT professionals who have previously worked in various positions, Example Topics strives to strengthen the IT professionals community.

3. Tech Republic

Tech Republic is home to a wide range of written content for IT professionals — blog posts, white papers, news stories, webcasts and community forums. They pride themselves on blending business news and advice/insights from IT experts. Most who come to this website look for comprehensive explanations of new industry developments and field-specific analysis of products and services.

4. Forbes

Forbes is an online publication that is focused on market trend and analysis. With technology being in the heart of most businesses it would do you well to be updated on this as well. IT Professionals can utilise this publication for straightforward market and business analysis.

5. ZDnet

ZDNet provides its subscribers with global and local IT-related news. IT Professionals who are interested in solving business problems and being aware of the recent discoveries in the field of IT should subscribe to their newsletter. ZDNet has a 24/7-style news strategy with constant analysis of trends and opportunities in the IT industry.

We live in a time where everything is at our fingertips already. It is now just up to us to act on it. These websites are helpful not just for established professionals but also for young graduates who are interested in being well-informed of the field.